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Connect to Ozark Natural Science Center from home, school or just about anywhere through ONSC L.I.V.E. ( Learning In the Virtual Environment )! Test your knowledge as a scientist and a steward of the Ozarks! Every Friday click on ONSC L.I.V.E. for a riddle about the Ozark environment.

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My habitat preferences are rather picky
which means finding me can be quite tricky.
But when you do see me, a smile should appear on your face
because my presence declares that this area is a special place!
Some examples of me live in certain bodies of water, or forests, or caves
and if Iím not there, that means the future for other living things is grave.
If Iím not around, this shows that more habitat needs more protection
and in most cases, it also means urban development needs correction.
Itís simple: If you want me there
you must show the other living things and me that you care.

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