Wildlife Management Area

ONSC is located on a site owned by ONSC and leased in part from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. This site is surrounded by the Madison County Wildlife Management Area which is managed by the Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission.

Description The area is typical rugged Ozark Mountain terrain with numerous steep mountains and hollows. Elevations range from 1100 to over 1600 feet above mean sea level. The area is extensively forested in upland hardwood and shortleaf pine/upland hardwood timber stands with associated understory and midstory vegetation. There are numerous small streams on the area that are all tributaries of the nearby King’s River which skirts the eastern boundary of the area. The area consists of a total of 14,227 acres of state owned land.
Access Major access to area is from state highway 23. To find the area from Huntsville take highway 23 north approximately 12 miles or from Eureka Springs south about 13 miles. Highway directional signs indicate access roads from Highway 23 to the interior of the area. Except for one small tract the area lies east of Highway 23.